about ebb and flow

About Us

Ebb & Flow Art Co-op is a gallery in Murrells Inlet that boasts a hefty array of local talent. The unique art and furniture is created by established artisans that have been working in the area for years as well as some fresh new talent.

Ebb & Flow Art Cooperative is many things but mostly it is a place for the inspiration, collaboration, and expression of its members. We provide a venue for local artists to display and sell their artwork as well as a place for the local community to view and acquire what artists in there area are creating. Members work in a wide variety of mediums and styles. These mediums include everything from traditional canvas, painted furniture, driftwood art, custom furniture, wood turnings, a silversmith, beaded jewelry, carved decoys, pottery, and many more.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a cooperative gallery, it is managed, manned and maintained by artist members who show their work, staff the gallery sales desk, and handle the display, lighting, and jury of artwork. Normal Galley fees are around 50% and by cutting those fees the Artists as well as the purchaser profits. Ebb & Flow Art Co-op is made up of four main artists: Lee Arthur, Gaston Locklear, Keels Culberson Swinnie, and Ted Watts.

The Gallery is also available for rent for private art shows, parties, or any other small gathering. The gallery and coffee house will now be open Tuesdays- Saturdays, 9:00am - 6:00pm. Ebb & Flow is located on Hwy 17 bypass in Murrells Inlet, across from Thomas Supply, right before the Wachesaw Road intersection.

Lee Arthur :: Gaston Locklear
Keels Culberson Swinnie :: Ted Watts

Adrian Dorman :: Amy Cox 
Phil Goodrich :: Larry Bell 
Henry Culberson :: Jason Moore 
Amy Locklear :: Graham Lawing 
Glen Grant :: Susan Williams 
Wes Gordan :: Mary Manz 
Allison Creagh :: Kristen Montsinger
Bobbie Halt :: Rich Kuhn :: Jolyn Kuhn
Danny Foley :: Dot Hannah :: Tom Hora


The Gift of Art

Ebb & Flow Gift Certificates are an excellent way of giving the gift of art and helping our gallery artists. Simply come in to the gallery, browse the beautiful possibilities and ask the gallery worker for a gift certificate.